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Gurwatta Nursery established with a vision to provide high quality seeds & pesticides to farmers so that they can grown their agricultural business more and more & the main aim of our company is to provide these products flawless with highly effective pesticides keeping in mind the quality & life of plants. Every product in our company is procured from India’s top & trusted brands.

Gurwatta Nursery is the name which client can trust for excellent quality seeds & pesticides.Our Shop is known for best quality products and is also lead by an Experts having wide experience in the Agricultural industry.

Gurwatta Nursery brings along the opportunities of profitable investment and agriculture-industry in Lucknow and it provides you the best platform with agro related seeds & pesticides. To lead yourself to the destination of profit through Agriculture we give excellent services to our clients for retreatment and knowledge of sowing so that one can get the best result as per their requirments. Gurwatta Nursery has dainty areas to choose for business

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Our Mission

Gurwatta Nursery is located in Malihabad, India. With its professional management and high focus on quality in terms of work to specifically address the user needs with the timely delivery of quality fruit bearing plants, as its core competence.

Our Vision

The enviable position, we have achieved in the MARKET is due to the sincere and meticulous approach by our team members. Their expertise and efficacy in their respective operation areas enable us to grow & supply huge varities of plants.

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